The sun returned

return of the sun
Just a few hours ago the sun returned to Resolute Bay in the Canadian Arctic. Tom Griffin, Kenn Borek’s manager send me this picture from his office today. I asked him if the sun gave any heat. He looked at his thermometer and noted it was -45°C outside. The days leading up to the sun’s return are often the coldest of the year, much colder then even in January. But the sun is more then heat, it is comforting for light and the sun makes you happy even if you can’t feel the rays. From this position, just a few degrees above the horizon it will rotate around in that position, never getting higher or lower until later in the spring. When we set foot on the ice, the sun will be halfway its highest point in the horizon, 23.5° so we will see the sun at a angle of about 10° – not even enough for a sun tan or a charge with the solar panels.

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