About Bernice Notenboom

Last but not least, we are introducing our third expedition team member. It is the expedition leader Bernice Notenboom. She is a Dutch climate journalist and professional adventurer. She is the first woman who has traveled the South Pole, the “Cold Pole” in Siberia and the Greenland ice on skis in one year (2008).
Moreover, she has climbed the Mount Everest in 2009 to raise awareness of the changes from the Ganges Delta to the Summit of the Mount Everest due to climate change and traveled 1000 km on the river Niger by kayak in 2010. The latter was also focused on one of the so-called “tipping points” of climate change, namely the impact on local population along the river. With the participation in the Expedition Hope she is trying to increase people’s awareness of the Arctic environment and its possible vanishing if climate change its toll.