Felix started to the North Pole

Felix had a good start from Longyearbyen to the North Pole. Initially, Felix was supposed to land in Camp Borneo at 10 p.m.
An Antonov 74 carried Felix and the expedition team to the North Pole. Astonishingly, Antonov is one of the few machines that is able to land on ice!
Up until his actual departure we had no idea whether Felix would catch a flight to the North Pole at midnight or spend one more night here in Borneo.
That was mostly dependent on the weather. On top of the insane wind forces of 20 meters per second, the adventurers have to deal with unimaginably freezing temperatures of 20°C below 0. We cannot wait to get their video messages!
Ultimately, we assume that Felix will arrive in Spitsbergen at 11 p.m.!