First day of spring – Plant a tree

Klaverweide school in Noordwijk aan zee needs a tree in front of their new building. Every year during the national tree planting day, these children participate in planting greenery around the area and luckily it was their turn to get a tree themselves. Thanks to Oikos and Irene Karssiens and the mayor of Noordwijk the school got a walnut tree donated Children who wrote the best wishes for the North Pole got a t-shirt from Plant for the Planet while I gave a talk why the Arctic is so important for the climate. Everybody participated in this festive activity: little kids were allowed to shovel the dirt into the tree well, the older ones sang a tree song while some wrote wishes for the North Pole on an old cheese cloth that I will hand over to Felix to take with him to the North Pole. I was really amazed what kind of wishes were written down. It weren’t just simple messages like don’t shower or drive but sincere thoughts how to save the arctic with lots of foresight. It was raining but that didn’t matter the tree was soaking up the rain at the first day of spring, the day the light returns to the Arctic for the next 6 months.

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