Impacts of climate change

We have told you that the reason for the expedition to the Arctic is to raise awareness of global warming and its worldwide impacts and to urge the necessary action which needs to be taken to fight global warming. But how exactly do the impacts influence global population?
Due to the warmer temperatures the glaciers and ice shields of the world are in great danger to melt. This means that a higher amount of water is feeding the oceans as it isn’t present in frozen form anymore. The greater water volume would lead to a higher sea level and therefore, would endanger a lot of coastal places. Not only small islands which would be the first ones experiencing the sea level rise, also the big cities of the world would be in great danger. Most cities are located to water bodies, especially the oceans. This location threatens the home of millions of people. An animation of National Geographic shows the possible coastlines if all ice would melt. Resulting in vanishing cities like London, New York, Cairo or Buenos Aires, just to name a few. If all inhabitants of these cities are becoming climate refugees there would be millions of people on escape to find safer places and crowding continental cities, making urban supply with food and living area a huge challenge. And this all resulting by the ice melting…! This is why it is important that you take your first steps at home to fight climate change and convince people around you to help you!

On this interactive map that National Geographic have put together you can see what the world will look like if all the all the ice on land melts.