Is there anybody?

There is a lot of ice in the Arctic, so are there people living there, you ask? Where would they live, right? Surprisingly, there are around 4 million people who live in the Arctic. 500,000 of them are indigenous, this means that they are natives of the Arctic and their families have always lived there.
This population group can be split up into several tribes. They live as nomads which means that they are always moving and don’t stay in one place for a long time. Their income source is the hunt of seals, polar bears and walruses as well as reindeer breeding and fishing. However, the life of the Arctic habitants is getting more and more difficult and the hunt and fishing more dangerous. Due to climate change the ice melts already 2 months earlier than in the past and it also freezes 2 months later again. This means that the people there have already 4 months less time for fishing than they used to have. Additionally, the ice gets trickier because it is not as hard frozen as before and therefore it cracks and breaks off faster.
Politically, the Arctic residents feel that their interests aren’t paid enough attention to. At the meetings of the Arctic Five, the riparian states, the indigenous people aren’t allowed to take part. Also they would like to decide themselves about their political status and the belonging to the Arctic.