Ruff wear

geo_sp_red_jacket_(1_of_1)[1]On each polar expedition you have the tough decision to make  what kind of fur  you are stitching around the hood of your jacket.  If you research it you learn that wolverine is the best fur. Inuit and other natives wear it exclusively. It sheds the snow and ice and  doesn’t absorb the water. It is warm and fuzzy around your skin. But wolverine? that is one of the most special animals around and because they are so shy, they are hard to hunt. So I called  the people of Alaska fur exchange in Anchorage for some dead sled dog fur. The women convinced me that dead dog won’t do the trick, it is like the fake furs that are in fashion. “Once it is wet, it will always smell like, well, wet dog” she says. Say no more. The same with coyote, and rabbit. The best are wolf, polar bear and wolverine, all of them are expensive but they prevent you from getting frostbite on your face. My other jacket has a wolverine/wolf mix and was definitely very warm and absorbed all the ice. Hmm, and now I need to have to order two ruffs for two different jackets. The women suggested I take a small white wolf ruff for my lighter jacket and a wolverine ruff for my big arctic jacket. I couldn’t argue, because not all fur is created equal.

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