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14 April, 2014 22:24

Happy birthday Mark! Mark de Vries is the engine behind our blogsite. Without his dedication and behind the scene work it would have been difficult to report from the ice as we are currently doing. We are thankful and thinking of you today!

How quickly storms move in and out of the Arctic. Only 12 hours ago we were tent bound because of a blizzard, today we skied over scoured wind packed terrain that had iced up and provided us with a smooth surface. This morning we had for the first time a 360 view of the Arctic. Incredible, all the ice is just one year old and flat as a pancake. You can really see now that we are walking over frozen water and just in a few months this will be water. It warmed up to a pleasant temperature (-21C) and with great speed we logged 17 km today in an effort to make up for the 60 km (!) we drifted to the east which brings us now directly over west Greenland. We pray for a southeast drift from now on! Replace this text with your blog of the day

– remark from Mark – Love the fact that the picture is on its side…

Calm after the storm

The storm passed in the night and we woke to a remnant wind that steadily dropped off throughout the day. It’s now clear and still and warm, around -15C judging by the softness of my butter during the last break. The drift is now slightly in our favour but still has a stiff easterly in it. We made 3 degrees west again but are still in the 50’s, need to be in the mid-70’s. Covered a respectable 17km.

The surface today was reminiscent of the Antarctic plateau. The storm had buffed the surface to a shiny firm veneer and we saw almost no pressure. This entire area is made up of first-year ice. Virtually no leads since we left the North Pole.

Roast chicken and mashed potato filled our bellies tonight.

Pic of Bernice and Martin pulling into a rest stop.