The Arctic as a tourist destination

Now, you have heard so many things of the Arctic which might have shown you that there is a need to act to climate change but also you got so fascinated by the Arctic environment, its unique biodiversity and the aurora borealis, that you want to visit and see the Arctic yourself!?
Indeed, there are tour operators with which you can travel to the Arctic. Of course, the question arises if such trips are generally acceptable. Because of that, the WWF, for example, published guidelines to help ensuring that these travels are not endangering the environment of the territories, but that the participants also learn a bit on such trips. Therefore, a list of 10 principles have been established for each, the supplier and user side. These lists include, among others, topics as general waste prevention, support initiatives to protect the environment, support of the local population. It is also important that you choose a tour operator who has also dedicated itself to these goals. Overall, as a tourist destination the Arctic region is more popular than the Antarctic. In the summer of 2012, there were 163,500 tourists in Spitsbergen, of which have been 38,500 crusaders and 125,000 air travelers. Also in 2011 there was a high number of visitors on Greenland, a total of 63,000, of which nearly half were also air travelers. In northern Alaska 31,000 tourists were counted in the summer of 2011.