The Lomonosov Ridge

Besides issues concerning the Arctic resources or the continental shelf of a riparian state to expand their exclusive economic zone, some of the riparian discuss about the ownership of certain landscapes. The most desired one is the Lomonosov Ridge. These are mountains below the water which is located in the central Arctic and they run exactly through the thought North Pole.
The problem with this Arctic area is that three nations – Russia, Canada and Denmark – claim these mountains for themselves and they have handed in requests at the responsible Commission of Continental Shelf. Canada defines the Lomonosov Ridge as underground part of the Ellesmere islands. To keep the 10 years deadline a temporary request was made on 6th of Dec 2013 which also included other areas. Denmark describes the Ridge as continuation of Greenland. The oldest request concerning these submarine mountains was made by Russia. Already 2001 a respective claim was given to the commission of continental shelf which however, had to be expanded with more data. 2013 a corresponding actualization was made.
Reasons why the Lomonosov Ridge is so hardly ‘embattled’ is being explained by the theory that it isn’t only about resources but rather about power stabilization in this area as the thought North Pole is lying underneath. In 2007 Russia put a flag at the point below the water where the North Pole is supposed to be.