The expedition

In April 2014, Bernice Notenboom, Eric Philips and Martin Hartley are skiing from the geographical North Pole to Canada. They want to show the world how precious, beautiful yet how fragile the Arctic is.

Through the lens of a  photographer, the skills of a polar guide and the words of a climate journalist, the expedition is  an odyssey. They want to share with the world how immensely serene the arctic is and rethink our relationship to the natural world.  They call for new stories and  images and share positive  experiences to replace the ones taking us down. Most of us  will never visit the North Pole but we are comforted with an arctic to always to be there. It is simply the last wilderness on earth. This is a quest to seek stewardship of the Arctic and save the remaining ice as a world heritage site.

The objective of this expedition is to bring worldwide attention through multimedia channels such as film, book, lectures and this website, we aim to reach the general public and to ignite a greater sense of appreciation and admiration for the North Pole and the urgency to protect it.

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