What do the adventurers eat?

As our adventurers have to pull their heavy sleds over the ice and having to be in good shape for that, you would expect them to eat healthy food as athletes usually do it. But not this time!
Instead of buying the usual organic products with low sodium, fat and sugar content, our explorer Bernice went to get 11 kg of butter, 5 kg of instant oatmeal, 5 kg of protein powder which is being mixed with the oatmeal, ramen noodle soup as well as cheese, salami and nuts each with the highest fat and calorie content that was available. The polar explorers will consume more than 6.000 calories per day; nevertheless, they will have lost over 10 kilos by the end of the expedition. Bernice told us, that for lunch she will have salami, chocolate, cheese, energy bars and crackers. A lot of calories so the adventurers are strengthened for the rest of the day and able to master the energy-sapping environment of the Arctic.